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What Causes Moles? What Causes Skin Tags?

Are you wondering what causes moles and what causes skin tags? Where do skin tags come from? Well, you are not the only one. Although moles are quite common, only a few people bother to know more about the nature of moles. For most people, moles are simply dark-colored spots on our skin. Moles are more than that, especially if you are dealing with cancerous ones. It is important to know more about moles, and what causes them.

What are Moles?

Moles are ordinary pigmented spots that are usually formed on various areas of the human skin. Moles vary in sizes, shapes and color. While most moles are flat and small, some are irregularly raised and large. These pigmented spots are formed due to the clustering of melanocyte cells, which are cells responsible for skin coloration. When melanocyte cells are not evenly distributed, it will cluster in, which results in a visible pigmented spots, which are commonly known as moles. These skin growths are usually benign and harmless because the cells are growing normally. However, there are some cases wherein regular moles become cancerous. This could lead to skin cancer, such as melanoma.

What Causes Moles?

The formation of moles in the body is quite normal and common. Most of the moles are present right after birth. Other moles develop later. Some moles may even disappear over time while other moles change in color.

The following are what causes moles:

  • Genetics – From the moment we are conceived, our parents’ genes pass down different genetic patterns that make up what we are now. Most of the genes that we receive are harmless features. Unfortunately, other genetic features cause problems. Examples of these are atypical moles and dysplastic mole syndrome. These genetic conditions cause our body to develop an excessive quantity of moles on our body. Since it is hereditary, the formation of too many moles on your body is out of your control. Most moles of these types formed due to this genetic condition are often irregular moles, which have higher chance of becoming cancerous.
  • Overexposure to Sunlight – Another factor that causes the formation of moles is overexposure to sunlight. This is another primary cause of moles. Overexposure to sunlight increases a person’s chance of developing newer moles on their skin. Exposure to sunlight can also cause enlargement of existing moles. Aside from direct sunlight, exposure to other UV rays, such as using a tanning bed also increases the chance of forming new moles. People with fair and lighter skin also have higher chances of forming more moles and developing cancerous moles.
  • Hormonal Changes – The third primary factor causing mole formation is hormonal changes. Pregnant women, teenagers and women at menopause stage have a higher chance of developing more new moles and cause existing moles to grow larger. When the body undergoes hormonal changes, the rate of mole formation is higher. There are also some instances when the hormonal changes occur very rapidly, which can cause atypical moles that are prone to becoming cancerous moles. Taking hormonal medications can also increase the chance of forming more moles on your body.

These three situations are primarily what causes moles. Take note that these three causes of moles are also what usually cause cancerous moles. For this reason, it is very important that you avoid overexposure to the sun. Being very cautious while pregnant, during menopause or in the puberty stage is also important to avoid the possible progression of cancerous moles. Avoiding hormonal medication can also lower your risk of developing moles. By understanding the causes of mole formation, you can lower the chance of developing more moles or increasing the development of cancerous moles.

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