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Laser Mole Removal Surgery and Cost – What You Need To Know

Laser mole removal surgery is an effective way to remove moles. This procedure is common when getting rid of moles. This is primarily because of the benefits it offers. Read on to learn more about this surgical procedure.

Laser Surgery Process For Removing Moles

Laser mole removal surgery is an outpatient procedure. It is typically done while the individual is awake. Once the area is numbed, the dermatologist will guide the laser to the mole area. While doing this, it gradually removes the mole. The laser works by evaporating the mole. Bleeding may occur but it is very minimal.

Laser surgery is usually done in several sessions. The patient will have to return two to three times until the mole is completely removed. The number of session depends on the severity and size of the mole.

Benefits Of Laser Mole Removal

The following are the major benefits of laser mole removal surgery:

  • No Scars – People want to remove their moles to improve their appearance. With other mole removal surgeries, scarring is inevitable. Laser surgery is the best alternative for this. The laser used to remove the moles will not harm the skin. The result is smoother and clearer skin.
  • No Stitches – Other surgical procedures to remove moles includes stitching. With laser surgery, this is not required. The laser will directly infiltrate the target area to remove the mole. Because there are no stitches after the surgery, the recovery period is faster. Also, additional attention to the mole area is not required.
  • Less Invasive – Laser surgery is also non-invasive. The laser will not invade a large portion of the skin. This is advantageous as it lessens the chance of infection.

Preparation and Precautions

Cancerous moles can be treated with laser surgery. However, there are instances that the doctor will require further cancer treatments. For this reason, dermatologists may conduct a biopsy before the procedure. This is to confirm whether the target area contains malignant cells or not. If the biopsy confirms that there are malignant cells, the portion of the skin to be removed will be much larger. This will ensure that all malignant cells are destroyed.

Preparation before the surgery includes cleansing and sterilizing of the target skin area. Anesthesia will also be applied.

Recovery Period After Mole Removal Laser Surgery

The recovery period after the laser surgery sessions is about a week or two. Usually, a scab will form in the mole area. This will eventually fall off as part of the healing process. Once the scab falls off, the mole will start to disappear. The mole area will become very sensitive after the surgery. Because of this, it is important to apply sunscreen to protect the skin. It is advised that the patient avoid sun exposure throughout the healing process.

Laser Mole Removal Cost

The cost of laser mole removal surgery varies. This will depend on several factors such as the doctor, geographical location, mole size and the severity of the mole. The typical cost of this surgery ranges from $120 to $150. Laser surgery falls under the cosmetic procedure category. Because of this, insurance institutions do not cover this procedure. However, there are other financing options available for this treatment.

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